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Episode 175 - RSAC Wrapup and More...

Episode 175 - RSAC Wrapup and More...

Congrats to Risky Business for winning this year’s podcast of the year!

Let’s get an update from our reporter on the scene: Mr. Steve Ragan.

Fear and loathing at RSA: Hacking, security and the limits of protection | TechCrunch

Hack the Planet! I mean the Pentagon: U.S. military invites vetted experts to "Hack the Pentagon" | Fortune

Spear Phishing:
Three more firms hit by targeted Phishing attacks seeking W2 data | CSO Online

What Happens When You Dare Expert Hackers to Hack You

Linux Mint hacked: Compromised data up for sale, ISO downloads backdoored | CSO Online

Transmission Infected with KeRanger Ransomware – MacStories

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