Episode 49 – Merry Breachmas!

Just Andy and Joseph this week, but we hit some fairly hefty topics, particularly the breaches that seem to keep springing up every day lately.

First, Derek Newton has discovered a very interesting flaw in Dropbox’s host authentication.


Then, we discussed the breaches of the week: Barracuda, Hartford, and US Airways.




And in the “too close to home for comfort” category, we finished up with the Texas Comptroller breach:



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One thought on “Episode 49 – Merry Breachmas!”

  1. Hi Guys,
    For the past two weeks I have listened to all of the pod casts that you recorded and I have really enjoyed them all. I am someone who is trying to break into the security field and I have found the podcasts to be very informative, humorous and a great way for me to pass the time at work and learn new things.

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